The divorce process can be so difficult that many people don't want to tackle it by themselves. The process of getting divorced has included hiring lawyers, appearing in court, and letting the judge or lawyers determine the final outcome and/or negotiate it. 

The couple is the most passive part of the legal proceedings. Many people are unhappy with the decisions that are forced on them. It's normal that people feel more content with the decision they make on their own with the help of divorce mediation services

How to File for Divorce in Tennessee

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The most crucial question: Is it logical to avoid the adversarial process to divorce? If staying out of the court system and reducing legal fees, while also safeguarding your assets and co-parenting relationships seems appealing for you then perhaps you should think about mediation. Mediation is right for everyone as it's a good option for couples who are ethical and honest.

What Does A Mediator Do?

The lawyer who serves as mediator is not representing either side but serves as an impartial facilitator who acts as an advocate for both. The couple is able to ask the mediator/lawyer questions regarding their legal rights and get help coming to the final details for their divorce. 

The judge approves the agreement, without the couple ever having to appear in court. the divorce is finalized 6 months after the date the initial papers were filed and handed over. If the mediator is motivated by the desire to finish the divorce process, instead of prolonging it in a sloppy manner, the results are amazing.