Email marketing provides the fastest and easiest way to market to list your dentist. If you are concerned about the environment, and want to be green, then email marketing is one way to conserve precious natural resources. But email marketing alone may not be enough to get you the results you deserve.

Effective Direct Mail Campaigns can be a powerful combination of marketing weapon. Email can be delivered quickly and often. This is important because it can take 20 or more marketing contacts before a purchase decision is made. Direct mail piece delivered a follow-up less frequently can increase the credibility and sustainability of your marketing message.

 Buying vs. renting

Marketing list provider will either sell or rent your email marketing list. When you rent a list, you send your marketing message to your provider and they will send an email to your list for you. This can be a convenient option if you do not have the time, the system or the expertise to do your own mailing.

When you buy a list of email marketing dentist, you will actually own and control the list. When you buy a list of dentists, you can submit it to the list as often as you like. Having a list also allows you to test your marketing message. Send a test email blast to a smaller segment of your list to see messages attract the best results.

However, if you have a list you may still need the help of third-party email service. There are several available and, often, a provider of marketing lists can provide this service for a fee.