A limousine is a luxury vehicle or "special occasion" means of transportation. The events serviced by the limousine company are corporate or gala events, prom limousines, weddings, airport transportation service, freelance bachelorette parties, tours, funerals, or whatever event the customer desires.

10 Questions to ask before hiring a limo company - Paul's Towncar Service

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If this is your first time renting a limo service, here are some tips you can ask your limo service company:

1. EXPERIENCE – Ask about the age of the limo company in business. The older the company is, the more experience they will have in the paint industry. The more experience you have, the more reliable you will be.

2. LICENSE – Ask the company if they have a license to operate. Transportation companies must have federal agencies that operate their vehicles from the transportation division, as well as local government agencies. Make sure they have it.

3. INSURANCE – If an accident occurs and you know the limo you are leasing is commercially insured, you know you are safe. If so, ask them to provide you with a closing slip.

4. CONTENTS – Note that the limo company you are interested in is affiliated with reputable organizations such as the National Limousine Association as well as local paint shop associations.

5. CERTIFICATE – Preliminary examination is important. Therefore, ask the limousine manufacturer's customer. Ask them for their opinion on how the service was provided. If you think the recommendations are favorable, you have the privilege of continuing the service.