Microdermabrasion is the procedure of removal of the skin's top layer which is made up of dead cells also known as stratum corneum. In this process, the newly formed cells are in the process of maturing, and they are revealed through the procedure.

The procedure is typically done by a trained beauty therapist. Back microdermabrasion is amongst the common procedure under this treatment. The majority of the patients opt for this specific treatment. If you are also one of them, then you can get in touch with the best therapists via https://artecuerpo.com/.

One could make use of abrasive products that are designed to replicate the treatment, they are typically referred to as body or face scrubs. They can be extremely effective when used correctly. As a treatment at home, it is as simple as rubbing it onto the surface of the skin.

A professional procedure typically uses the form of a device that dispenses tiny pieces of crystals through the central tube and then sucks the crystals as well as dead skin back up through another tube. Newer devices use diamond-tipped wands that do not employ suction. Treatments are best carried out several times a year to keep the skin looking at its best.

Microdermabrasion can be very beneficial on wrinkles, acne scarring, irregular skin texture, large pores, and also on sun-damaged or age-spots areas. It is a great treatment for the body to reduce stretch marks. Since microdermabrasion is gentle there is no requirement for anesthetic. When the microdermabrasion is completed it is possible that the skin will be slightly red, and there might be mild swelling. This is a normal response of the body's reaction to treatment.