Today, HVAC (heating ventilation, and air conditioning) is a common use of ducts. They are primarily used to transport air. They play an important role in maintaining indoor air quality and temperature. Ducts must be capable of resisting external temperatures in order to keep the air moving through them at a constant temperature. 

Insulation materials are used to cover ducts. Because of their availability, aluminum and galvanized materials are the most common materials used to create duct boards. These materials can be very heavy, especially for galvanized mild steel. Polyurethane is used by some manufacturers.

duct boards

A type of plastic resin, polyurethane (PU), is one example. It can be made rigid or flexible. It can be used in many products, including industrial products. Because of its insulation properties, polyurethane is a common material.

Your refrigerator and freezers have polyurethane insulation boards. For homes that are more modern, the walls may have been lined with polyurethane panels or duct boards to reduce heat loss in colder months. 

Common areas for polyurethane-duct boards in commercial and residential buildings include cavities walls, floors, and roofs, large air ducts, and pipe and boiler areas. Insulation is more than just comfort. Insulation is more than just comfort. It can also help to keep cold and hot air at the same time. 

Although it may seem expensive to cover target areas with polyurethane duct boards, this will help homeowners and business owners save money over the long term.