A license to perform high-risk work is required when working with high-risk equipment or plants. Valid in all Australian states and territories, this license allows you to work with high risk equipment to a consistent standard across Australia and the issuance of all boiler High Risk Work Licenses (HRW) is now subject to assessment by the national jurisdiction that issued the new National Assessment Tool ( NAI).

As of January 2013, in accordance with the new national harmonization, training and assessment for all CPC08 high risk national accreditation units already has specific equipment requirements and for any HR training or assessment that takes place in a controlled environment, trainers and assessors must provide all students with a appropriate, to demonstrate competent hazard identification and apply appropriate controls.

Existing digging, rigging, scaffolding, pressure equipment, cranes, hoists and forklift licensees must upgrade to a renewable HRW Photo license by 30 June 2013 notified in the new format. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you provide your current address to local regulators.

While your license may not have a visible expiration date, all states run programs to replace previously issued national competency certificates with new HRW licenses. It is important that you contact your original issuance status regarding the validity of your certificate or license and provide them with your current address before requesting the conversion of your license to the new format.

HRW license holders must renew their license every 5 years. A person is expected to have a license for HRW in work situations such as scaffolding, excavation and installation, crane and lifting work, forklift work, and work on pressure equipment.