These days, consumers spend the majority of their time using mobile phones. Online video content is available to them throughout the day. A recent Statista online study found that 25 million people stream videos on their smartphones for at least 3-4 hours each month. This graph is expected to increase with increasing smartphone use and population growth.

Marketers are now reaping the huge benefits of mobile video advertising in their marketing plans. You can get more information about the customer engagement program via

These are some tips that will help you increase brand awareness and customer engagement:

Personalization and targeting

Targeting customers in a personalized way is always beneficial as it helps advertisers/marketers grab more eyeballs for their particular advertisement. 

Prioritize customer relationships

Marketers can instantly send high-impact, festival-related video messages to customers' mobile phones. This keeps them interested and happy and allows them to offer rewards and greetings. This well-crafted combination of audio, visual, and text messages, as well as multiple response options, makes communication more cost-effective and superior to traditional advertising.

It is vital that customers and brands communicate with each other. This keeps customers loyal and retains them. Marketers can use moLotus, which is a mobile video customer engagement platform, to maintain a personal relationship with their customers. 

Highly effective are click-to-call and call-to-action buttons. Customers can instantly get all relevant information about a promotion by clicking-to-call or call-to-action buttons. They can contact the marketer directly via SMS, phone call, or URL. 

This feature makes communication between brand and consumer easier with mobile rich media advertising platforms.