Whether you are a construction recruitment agency or a construction firm itself looking to hire the best talent industry has to offer, here are a few important tips to help you in this quest.

Hire in the offseason:

Conventional wisdom has it that you must never go grocery shopping while you are hungry. You tend to buy whatever you get at the earliest and that's almost never a good bargain. The same is true for hiring tradesmen when you need them.

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So the best time to look for a tradesman is when you don't require one. It will help you scan a wide range of talents, be more selective, and acquire the kind of worker you exactly want. As an added piece of advice, aim for the off-season when many construction workers are out of work and you might get a bargain.

Pay the market rate:

When you pay peanuts, you get only monkeys! Firms that pay below-market wages not only have the least-qualified and least-productive employees, but they are also the ones always in need of new workers. Why? Because competitive tradesmen will leave you the moment they get more lucrative opportunities. Do I need to tell you what a dent it makes to overall productivity?