There was a time when blazers were regarded as conservative, also it was the old generation who tended to use them.  

Happily, someone realized that younger guys look great in them also, and they are now entrenched in most of the large high street shops. Most guys will own a blazer or 2 because it's long been a staple item in many wardrobes.  

It is almost a guarantee your African print blazer will make you look dashing. This year has taken the timeless look somewhat farther and added a spin, producing the unstructured blazer. It's but one of the year's new must-haves.

The unstructured blazer is an integral piece, necessary for any man's apparel, and ideal for when the weather may turn a little cold.  

The distinction between the standard blazer is the unstructured version isn't tailored and provides a more casual element to a costume.  

The shoulders are organic and this really helps to ensure it is a very simple yet powerful jacket for summertime. 

Finish the look with one of the year's styles, no socks, and easy deck shoes.  This year's bold colors and patterned prints for ties and shirts operate very well with this kind of coat, so this is 1 thing that's sure to become a crucial part of the majority of outfits this summer season. 

But if you're feeling somewhat more adventurous, try out a blazer in among the year's fabulously daring colors, such as yellow or reddish. If it has to do with the cooler weather that autumn, a blazer is an integral piece to get around.