Cellular phone batteries-After Dr. Cooper took the credit for inventing the personal cell phone, there's nothing more crucial than having the right phone cell battery. Batteries come a dime a dozen. A good rechargeable battery or storage battery is what you're looking for.

To break it down, cellular phone batteries come in lead-acid, nickel cadmium (NiCad), nickel metal hydride(Nigh), Lithium ion (Li-ion), and lithium-ion polymer(Li-ion polymer). You can also buy 18650 lithium ion battery online.

Follow these guidelines when considering a new cell phone battery:

Use a lithium-ion battery for maximum talk time. It may cost a little more, but you have to remember that you are paying for quality, not quantity. The quality is higher than your expectation. Adhere to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cellphone battery. Batteries appear to have a longer lifespan and are shown to pose fewer unexpected hazards than conventional food batteries.

There are dozens of web-based shops that sell cell phone batteries at low prices. A great place to look is the website for cell phones or batteries. They seem to carry almost all makes and models of cell phone batteries.

Remember not to throw old ones in the trash. This is considered hazardous waste. Think about throwing insulin needles in the trash. Contact your local waste disposal company, they have several disposal centers in a nearby e-waste disposal unit.

Electronic components and accessories contain small amounts of lead, which can be dangerous and causes lead poisoning and cancer. Don't charge the cell phone.