The natural stone is delivered in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials and includes marble, granite, slate, and limestone. 

It is essential to use the correct method to take care of natural stone to keep both the appearance and stability of your floor. Do you want to renovate your home with stone carpets then you can hire professional renovators for laying stone carpet via (which is also called ' Steinteppich legen ber ' in German).

It is important to select an experienced entrepreneur in the restoration of natural stone floors, such as using incorrect methods or chemicals that may damage the material beyond repair. The fundamental objective of stone restoration is to reproduce the appearance and feel of the newly installed stone floor.

Stone floors are a good accent for any house or office if they are well maintained. A magnificent transformation is possible when the soils blunted by dirt and scratches are cleaned, polished, and restored by soil professionals.

The first step is to eliminate any wax that can be applied to the surface that can become very dirty, especially in all the pits that can be present. These pits are then filled with epoxy to match the natural color of the stone.

Then, a grinding machine is used with many discs at the bottom of the machine, while a constant flow of water is applied to maintain a dust-free atmosphere and protect the disks as much as possible. 

This sucks the upper surface worn to reveal a blank layer below. This process takes a lot of time and this can take up to three different series to completely grind the floor at the level required.