A website chatbot is simply a program used to run an online chat conversation through either text or voice-to-voice, rather than giving direct physical contact with another human being. These programs are often used as a means of communication between two people who are geographically apart or simply for fun and games on chat servers or online gaming platforms. There are many different types of chatbot applications and each one is designed to perform a specific task that may range from simple communication to complex tasks. Some examples include a language translator or a bot that performs mathematical calculations.

In the past, chatbot programs were quite basic and their primary purpose was simply to execute basic commands. However, with the help of modern technology and the continuous improvements of technology that dramatically speed up technology, chat bots have taken off and become integral components of our daily lives. They help businesses operate much more efficiently, enhance customer experience, provide seamless customer support, as well as increase productivity. Below are some of the most common uses of today's website chatbot.

Google+ Businesses which use Google+ for marketing purposes will find that bot that helps make their Google+ pages more efficient. This bot allows users to automatically share images or video links while chatting. Since this bot works in the background, business owners do not have to stop and monitor their messages every time they make a new addition. Instead, they can continue what they're doing and let the bot continue to share videos or images while they handle other important matters.

E-Commerce The biggest advantage to today's chatbot technology is its ability to help simplify an online retailer's process. Instead of having to manually enter all of the necessary data and information into each website, all it takes is a simple chatbot to complete the task. Once a buyer puts in their credit card number and shipping and handling information, a chatbot will connect them to a reputable vendor who will then take over the rest of the work from there.

Customer Service Representatives Having a customer service representative answering questions about products or services is beneficial for both the customer and business owner. Most chatbots are equipped with enough knowledge to be able to quickly answer a question about any part of a product and are able to do so in a professional manner. Customers appreciate being able to talk with real people instead of an impersonal computer program. By adding a chatbot to their business, agents can offer the same services that their real life counterparts do.

Sales & Service Since most people rarely if ever leave their homes to make a purchase, the ability to simply set up a chat room has made it easier for businesses to offer more services to their customers. A sales bot can answer questions about specials or sales, or simply plug a person into the store. Since these bots are programmed to engage with the customers in a friendly manner, the interaction is natural and comfortable. This allows the salesperson to make a sale, not deal with unproductive consumers. Chat Bots can even have conversations with their own clients! The sky's the limit on what you can do in a conversational bot!

Image Search Coming years will feature image search capabilities on a wide variety of chatbot programs. Since computers and cameras are steadily becoming more common in everyday life, images will soon become as common. A bot can easily be programmed to search for images and post them to a social media site for easy viewing by friends. Bot users can even type in an image and upload it to their Bot, or they can come up with an image and post that as well. This will provide businesses with an easy way to create and maintain a social media presence through the Bot, without requiring the user input.

Chat Bots are only one of the many new applications that are being developed for Facebook. Over time we will see many more of these bots come out to compete with their human counterparts. Chat Bots are an interesting and unique application, which will likely bring a whole new way to engage with Facebook. They are also helping companies form new customer relationships, while providing them with a way to interact with their customers on an even deeper level. Chat Bots are only the beginning of this new era of online interaction, which is now taking place on Facebook.