Although Bengal cats can be considered 'tame" from the third generation, they are still temperamental and active animals due to their wild heritage. Bengal cats should not be kept as pets after the fourth generation. Exhibitions of breeding cats are not allowed after this age. The breed standard says that Bengals are "trustworthy, attentive, curious, and friendly cats".

Bengal cats are a lot of fun! Bengal cats are intelligent and docile. They need lots of attention to keep their activity compelled. Bengal cat lovers often say that cuddles and play alone are not enough to keep their hybrid cat happy. If you are planning to adopt Bengal cats, then you can search the web.

bengal cats

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Target-training and work with the clicker also form part of a cat-appropriate environment with no risk of boredom. Bengal cats love to climb and play with water. They can enjoy their natural curiosity and have easy access to the outdoors. While a large garden is ideal, calmer cats can also enjoy a safe balcony with many climbing possibilities.

The Bengal cat is confident, dominant, and sometimes aggressive. Socialization with other territorial cats can cause problems. Bengals shouldn't be left alone. The companionship of calm cat breeds such as the British Shorthairs or Persians is possible. If in doubt, the individual cat's character will determine if there is a happy living situation for them both.