Email marketing and advertising offers small businesses and startups a surprisingly cost-effective and labor effective way to reach your customers and prospects with a laser-focused marketing message. Then once you've found a strategy that works, it's easy to repeat it.

Imagine you have a large shipment of a particular product or an overstock. How are you going to spread the word? If you had a list of your customers' email addresses and were set up to send them a mass email, you would know exactly what to do. Both are very easy to set up, and once they are in place, it's like having your own fleet of mail carriers waiting to deliver your personalized marketing message.

You may have thought that small business email marketing was beyond your abilities, but it's safe to say that a business owner with the most rudimentary computer skills can run an email campaign at any time. After that, less than an hour a week will keep you in regular, personal contact with your clients and prospects. You can get to know more about small business email marketing by browsing this website.

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Wouldn't you like to be able to inform your customers about your specials, deals and discounts at the touch of a button? Small business email marketing isn't that easy, but it's close! As a small retailer or service business owner, your customers and prospects are very likely to open and read your emails. If you started using email marketing for small businesses.

Many online marketing companies can teach you how to set up and run an effective small business email marketing campaign. You will be amazed at the power and flexibility you have been missing.