Bracelets are pieces of jewelry that are worn on the wrists. It is made of various materials like cloth, metal, leather and even wooden. Bracelets aren't just used as ornaments but can also be used for serious reasons such as identification tags in hospitals, and medical IDs that indicate a person's allergy and illness.

An Introduction to Bracelets:- Bracelets are derived from the Latin word "brachial," which means arm. During the time of the Ancient Greek and Roman war soldiers wore wristbands made of leather straps with silver and gold embellishments. You can now also look for customized and colored stone bracelet online. 

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Bracelets' Functions:- Bracelets can be used for decorative reasons, and due to the rise of precious metals as well as precious stones, they have become costly. However, there are different types of ornamental bracelets that aren't expensive like handmade bracelets that are made from strings and beads of various shades. 

Friendship bracelets are also very popular and are often presented as gifts to symbolize friendship. They aren't made from silver, gold and gemstones but instead of ribbons or leathers that are woven to form a pattern. The pattern is typically made by the gifter herself for the recipient of the bracelet. It is believed that the bracelet of friendship is intended to wear until the bracelet snaps off on its own, or until the cords have worn out. 

If it is removed before the time mentioned above, it indicates there is an issue and the connection has turned bad. Another reason to wear friendship bracelets is that the person who receive the bracelet has to make a wish. The wish is only granted if the friendship bracelet wears out and then falls off in a natural way.