Cultivation of any plant involves trimming or pruning in some way. Excessive growth can be bulky and cumbersome. Pruning weed is especially important because trimming pot plants actually increases yield. Follow these some tips to learn how to trim marijuana plants properly:

• Prune your cannabis branches early: If your cannabis plants are small before they flower, prune off some of the lower branches as they won't give much during flowering. This allows the young cannabis plant to focus on the more productive upper branches and potentially increase the flower yield of the plant.

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• Use good cutting tools and prune weeds carefully: use sharp scissors and be careful when pruning cannabis branches. At this point, your plant is young and a quick clean isn't as overwhelming to the plant as tearing it off by hand or using a blunt knife.

• Remove dead leaves: As your little marijuana plants age, they will grow larger and produce more leaves. With this growth, the leaves on the underside of the plant do not get as much light as those on the top. The lower leaves begin to turn yellow and should be pruned. Pruning the lower leaves of the weeds benefits the entire plant.

• Indoor Growth Management: Indoors, plot plants will most likely need pruning. Ceilings and walls can hinder the growth of your cannabis plant, and pruning can solve this problem.