Podcasting has completely revolutionized the world of entertainment on the World Wide Web. This stimulating revolution in broadcasting opens up new platforms for broadcasting. This has enabled billions of entertainment enthusiasts to produce and distribute their own shows through online podcasting. Even though we talk about podcasts, many people don't know what they really are. You can also get more information about podcasting in Milwaukee online via taitmedia.com.

Podcasts are as easy as a series of video and audio recordings that you can publish and broadcast on the internet. Podcast episodes are very similar to the concept of episodes in television programs. While a podcast is basically a series of video and audio files, a podcast episode is one of the episodes within a podcast.

If one is familiar with the concept of blogging, understanding podcasts will not be difficult. Blogs are where you write down your thoughts, while podcasts record your ideas or thoughts instead of writing them down. Podcaster also defines it as a home radio program that anyone can create and publish. Like blogs, podcasts use feeds to upload content over the Internet, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to subscribe to shows. 

Many people often confuse regular audio files and podcasts. The simple thing is that you have to subscribe to a different podcast channel and when there are new episodes, subscribers will automatically get their notifications. As for regular audio videos, you need to find the video and then download it.