An exhaust fan and system are an absolute must for a commercial kitchen. It has a variety of benefits for your employees and customers, including odor control, comfort, and cleanliness. You can also look for the best commercial kitchenette exhaust fan through various online sources.

If you don't plan on installing a commercial exhaust fan system of the right size and performance, you may have to come back later to reinstall the system, which means additional time and money. Instead, plan for exhaust fans in your commercial kitchen from the start.

Here are some basic reasons why you should require a fan in your commercial kitchen:

Air Quality – Kitchen fans help eliminate dust and dirt from the air. When cooking in your commercial kitchen, the stove can deliver toxic gases and ultra-fine scraps into the air which, if not eliminated, can circulate and expose everyone in the area to raw particles.

Cleanliness – In addition to the potential for toxic particles, cooking also delivers food particles into the air. Oil, fat, and grease particles can be released into the air and, if not removed, can stick to other surfaces in your kitchen such as cabinets and countertops. 

If it's a dining kitchen, constant cleaning can drive you crazy. In commercial kitchens, lack of hygiene can lead to violations of health laws.