A car inspection report (CIR) is a report from an authorized third-party testing organization that confirms a vehicle meets the required safety and emission standards in a particular country. The document typically includes a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the make, model, year, and optional equipment. Look at this site for more information about car inspection reports.

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CIRs are required in many countries in order to register a vehicle and obtain a license plate. In some cases, they may also be required for insurance purposes. In Dubai, CIRs are also required before a car can be sold. If you purchase a used car, the seller will likely require a CIR before you can take possession of the vehicle. 

You can get your car inspected at any of the following locations: 

  • Emirates Car Testing Center 

  • Abu Dhabi Department of Motor Vehicles 

  • Road Test Station (next to Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters) 

  • Al Ain Department of Motor Vehicles 

  • Dubai Car Testing Center 

  • Al Ain Department of Motor Vehicles 

  • Sharjah Department of Motor Vehicles

The UAE introduced a new road tax system in March 2012. The new system is based on a vehicle's fuel consumption, emission level, and CO2 emissions per km. To register your vehicle, you must pay an annual road tax for all vehicles with a maximum of four wheels. If you are only driving one car, you can get away with paying taxes for just the single-wheeled vehicle.