The goal of a vehicle inspection checklist is to identify any mechanical issues or other problems that could lead to accidents or downtime before they become issues. You can check this website –, if you want to purchase a used car in Muscat.

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Things to think about when inspecting used vehicles-

Check the Brakes: Brakes are an important part of the annual vehicle inspection process. You must slow down or stop your vehicle whenever necessary, regardless of what you are driving or how fast you are driving.

You can perform a brake test by stopping from a speed of 40 kmph and then again from a higher speed. If the brake feels like it's pulsing, it's time to replace it. Remove the front wheel to measure the width of the brake pads. If the pads are less than 18 inches thick, they must be replaced right away.

Check Bumpers: You must determine whether the front bumper is securely fastened and free of damage or breakdown. Once the examination is completed, make a checklist of the item's condition. Rep the process with the rear bumper.

Check the Horns: Blowing your horn in your vehicle is the most basic yet effective way of informing other road users that you are nearby. Check to see if the horns work properly. 

Use the horns 2-3 times to ensure they are working properly. The horns on your vehicle should be loud enough to be heard by other drivers on the road.