Debit cards are issued by banks and in most cases look and are used just like credit cards. The only difference is that a debit card doesn't give you credit. However, there is also a fact that employing a debit card is similar to writing a paperless check. Any amount you spend will be charged directly to your checking account almost instantly. At the end of the month, there are no bills, no interest, and no membership fees.

If you don't have the funds to satisfy the transaction then the debit card will reflect the declined transaction. Banks usually set limits on the size of each individual transaction. There are various products on the market with different names, but these names are nothing more than marketing tools to differentiate one bank's products from another. However, banks also get a big achievement in modifying these debit cards with several Design Categories that are available in the market.

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Apart from that, there are various types of debit cards on the market. Your bank may offer one or more of the following options:

A personal identification number or PIN is required for direct debit. You can use the card at the terminal or at an ATM to withdraw cash.

The deferred debit card combines a simple debit card with a card that looks and functions like a credit card. If you use a card at an ATM, you still require a PIN to acquire cash. If you make use of the card as a debit card for in-store transactions, you will also need a PIN to complete the transaction.

Using a debit card to regain control of your financial future is a convenient way to discipline your spending. The beauty of a debit card is that you can only spend what you have. 

Unfortunately, debit cards have some drawbacks to watch out for. First, if you don't record your transactions properly, you could easily run your bank balance out of control. These disadvantages largely counter the ability to access your account balance on the Internet at all times.