In an attempt to quit smoking, vaping is becoming more popular. They are succeeding. Some studies show that electronic cigarettes work even better than traditional NRTs. This is taking into consideration the nicotine content of a given vape liquid.

Vapes can have nicotine. But it is optional. Non-nicotine vapes are available, which only contain propylene glycerin or flavorings.

Beginners and people who want to quit smoking electronic cigarettes need to start using a higher nicotine level. Because vapes deliver nicotine more efficiently than cigarettes, this is why it's important to start with a higher nicotine concentration. Many kinds of nicotine liquids are available. One of them is the aqua salt nic. If you want to buy aqua salt nicotine, then you can browse the web.

Pure Salts 30ml by Aqua

For regular smokers, a recommended daily vape juice dosage of 2 ml containing 18 mg nicotine is sufficient. In this instance, the amount of bioavailable nicotine would be around 15 mg. This is still less than a pack of combustible tobacco cigarettes.

The answer to the ever-present question, 'Is vaping with nicotine bad for me?' is a clear no. Zero nicotine vapes can be good and should be the goal for every vaper.

Every cigarette, cigar, and snus packet containing nicotine, nicotine is delivered directly to your body. It stays in your body for a while after it is delivered.