In order to install a TV mount, you will need the following: 

-A level

-A drill

-A saw

-A screwdriver

-A hammer

-A drill bit that is at least 1 inch wide

-An anchor tool (optional)

Level your TV so it is perfectly level. This is very important. If your TV isn't leveled correctly, it could cause the mount to not attach properly and wobble. If you are looking for tv mounting services, then you can browse the web.

Drill a hole in the wall where your TV will be mounted. The size of the hole doesn't matter as long as it's large enough for the screws that come with your mount. Make sure to use a drill bit that is at least 1 inch wide so that the screws are stable. 

Saw the hole you just drilled in the wall. Be careful not to cut through any electrical wires or cables. 

Screw your mount onto the back of your TV using the screws that came with it. Be sure to tighten them securely! 

Hammer a screwdriver into the top of the mounting bracket on your TV and twist

Dealing with a Damaged TV or Wall Channel

If you have a damaged television or wall channel, don't despair. There are plenty of ways to fix it, and many of them are relatively easy. Here is the best guide (and warning) to installing a TV mount.

If you're like most people, your first instinct when something goes wrong with your TV or wall mounting is to panic. After all, how on earth are you supposed to replace that giant picture tube if it falls off the wall? The good news is that most problems can be fixed without any damage to your walls or equipment. Here's a guide on how to do it safely and effectively.

Before You Do Anything: Know Your Equipment

First and foremost, it's important to know exactly what's attached to the wall. Many people mistake their TV for a screen alone and end up damaging the wall behind it. Make sure you can identify each component of your television before doing anything else.

If you are thinking to get your TV mounted on the wall then keep on reading this article. If you have bought a new TV or want an old LCD TV to be mounted on the wall you need to contact an expert TV mounter who possesses the capability to expand the TV away from the wall and then rotate the display in either way. 

You can easily get upgraded TV mounting in Houston from A TV mounter is experienced and knows how they can use the mounts for people who need the maximum flexibility and customization for viewing Tv from different angles. 


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If your TV mounter is not an expert worst-case situation can happen and your display may rip from the wall and drop to the ground leaving you with a busted TV and holes on your wall if the mounting is not done correctly. 

If your TV is 20 lbs it is suggested to go with a beefier bracket with a greater weight score. Most weight guidelines don't consider the burden of the cables plugged into the rear of the TV display. 

The burden or pressure of the cables isn't negligible! The majority of TV mounters use 2-14 cables plugged into the rear part of your display, this adds extra load up. So, a TV mounter should be that much experienced to use wire and do the fitting correctly.