When looking for an electric treadmill review, it is important to understand that there are different features and elements that need to be considered. The type of user will also have a significant influence on which model will work best. Here are some of the most common electric treadmill reviews that people tend to share.

Size is yet another reason why this model is often described as the Walking Electronic Treadmill. This machine could not accommodate even a heavy runner because of its short forty-six inch track. Most manual treadmills for runners are generally well over one hundred feet long. That being said, the electric motor on these machines is able to operate on very small courses, making them ideal for portable use.

Safety is also a major concern when using this type of exercise equipment. Manual treadmills are designed so that the user can cause serious injury by simply stepping off while in motion. With an electric treadmill, no such safety key exists. Therefore, choosing an electric treadmill that has a safety key can be a good choice.

Cost can also be a factor. Since most people today have at least some type of computer system, purchasing an exercise machine that requires additional accessories can make for an expensive investment. Electric exercise equipment is much less expensive and therefore less expensive to maintain. This means that an electric treadmill might be a better investment for those looking to spend a little money and increase their workout results. Manual treadmills require more maintenance, cost more money, and are less effective overall.

One feature that tends to be overlooked is the ability to control incline. Electric treadmills can offer as much as a three hundred and fifty degree incline, whereas a manual treadmill will only be available up to two hundred and forty-five degrees. This means that an electric treadmill can offer more resistance at any given time, which can be great for those who enjoy a challenge. A manual treadmill's limit can be reached simply by walking off of one leg.

Safety is also a major concern when using any kind of home exercise equipment. An electric treadmill provides no such safety key, as the safety key comes with the purchase of the machine itself. This alone makes electric treadmills a much safer option than other home exercise equipment. Flat-belt treadmills tend to slip and fall, and while running on a flat-belt treadmill causes little to no impact to legs or back, running on a belt with an incline can cause a variety of leg injuries. Many injuries result from people running on a flat belt, even if they have been instructed not to.

However, the safety factor can be negated even further by the fact that flat-belt manual treadmills come in different sizes. The cost of buying a flat-belt treadmill varies according to size and is generally more expensive than an electric treadmill. Also, since there is no safety key that can be turned on to activate extra incline in a manual treadmill, people must be extra careful when using their treadmill and must take care not to fall.

In general electric treadmills are more convenient and easier to use than manual treadmills. The ease of operation may lead some consumers to overlook the safety features of these machines, but it is far more important to make sure that you use your machine properly. If you do decide to invest in an electric treadmill, be sure to read customer reviews. Many people will warn you against investing in a certain type of electric treadmill, and you should listen to these reviews. Not only will they let you know which models provide the safest workouts, but they will also let you know which models have the best price tags as well.