Egypt, the mysterious land, connects the Middle East and northeast Africa. Egypt tours take tourists to mysterious places where they can uncover hidden secrets and engage in adventurous activities. There are many companies like Your Egypt Tours that provide the best Egypt travel packages. Egypt is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. It has incredible pyramids, towering Pharaonic temples, and beautiful sand-covered graves.

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Sandboarding is skiing in deserts. The best place to experience this sport is Egypt's dunes. If you can slide down the dunes, it will be an exciting experience. Egypt tours take you to the Great Sand Sea or Al Katamiah dunes in Cairo, where you can experience sandboarding.

Divers in Egypt

Egypt tours offer world-class diving. The best way to explore the coral and marine life of Egypt is by diving. Divers can enjoy diving in the clear waters of Pharaohs Island, Giftun Island, and Seven Pillars Straits, where they will find colorful reefs, a variety of fish species, great visibility, towers and walls, pinnacles and coral gardens, as well as wrecks.

Fjord diving

Egypt tours allow divers to explore Norwegian Fjord. This is a beautiful place to dive. Tourists will enjoy a unique diving experience and be able to admire the stunning coral reefs and the beautiful scenery. This amazing spot is located 15km from the bay and has a hole called Fjord hole. You can reach this hole by following the beautiful coral reef bed.