A tea towel is similar to a regular towel or napkin, except instead of being thick, it is extremely silky and thin. It's made of linen or cotton, or a combination of the two in some cases.

There are a lot of ways tea towels help us, so it's understandable that you might want to put time and even money into choosing a good set. You can also find the best tea towels in Melbourne via aaateatowels.com.au/tea-towel-services/.

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Healthwise it's important not to throw sipping tea towels into a laundry basket because they could develop mildew and bacteria, leading to them smelling and spreading this to your clothes. Wait for them to dry then put them in the laundry or, even better, wash them immediately. 

Before you wash your tea towels 

As pretty as they may look, new tea towels are not very absorbent because of the excess dye and oils leftover from the manufacturing process. 

To combat this, wash your lovely new tea towels with warm water before you first use them. You`ll be thanking us when they are less prone to sogginess! 

Removing stains from my tea towels 

Stains are annoying even if you expect them on something like a tea towel, which often wipes up the worst of spillages, including red wine. 

If you have particularly bad stains such as coffee, grease, or ketchup, consider treating your tea towel with a  stain remover on your clothes before washing as usual.