The world's beauty laboratories have introduced some revolutionary technological innovations in recent years. These include flexible, curving, vibrating brushes with mascara formulations that improve the condition and lengthen the lashes.

This spring, get a new look with lashes. Learn the correct moves and then choose the formula that will give you the most flattering flutter. You can search for more information about eyelash techniques at

Do you want to get the best out of your lashes? Here are the steps to get started with any lash-enhancement program:

  • To make your lashes appear thicker, apply eyeliner directly at the root. A gel eyeliner applied with flat-tipped brushes works well. This is what makeup artists refer to as "tightlining".

  • You can make friends with the lash curler, a terrifying torture device. They come in many sizes and shapes. To achieve a soft, upward curl, gently squeeze the base of your lash.

  • There are many options for mascara formulas: thickening or lengthening, waterproof, regular, and others. There are many styles of mascara wands, and there are many options for formulas. 

  • Make sure to wipe off any mascara globs before applying it. To add thickness and length to your lashes, start by gently wiggling the wand at the base. You can apply as many coats you like but don't let your lashes get stiff or clumpy.

  • To separate clumps from your lashes and keep them straight, use a lash brush (metal-toothed brushes give the best results). A disposable, clean mascara wand is also available.

  • After the glue has dried, you can "pink" your false lashes together with your natural ones. To marry the lashes, you can add a little mascara.

  • You can touch up the strip with eyeliner, if necessary. Sometimes the dried glue is a little shiny so you can matte it again with eyeliner if needed.