If you've ever visited an expert tanning salon, you're aware that a majority of them can perform a great job and look like you've been in the sun for the last two weeks! It's all great however when you're looking to maintain your appearance, it can begin to cost a lot! This is where spray tanning is the solution, when done correctly, it will give you the same salon-quality appearance for half the cost!  For more tanning salon services, you can search at afterglow-tan.com/spray-tanning.  

The first step is to find a great spray tan kit for your home, for my test I tried a free trial of Joliese Sunless Tanner. For any DIY spray-tan kit, you will need a substantial bottles of the solution, as well as the actual sprayer. I hope you get some directions for using it, but it's pretty straightforward! The sprayers themselves range from tiny nozzle-type applicators to larger spray guns based on the kit you purchase.

After you've filled the sprayer with the solution, you're now all set to go! It is recommended to apply the spray to the area in small portions before you see how it looks and what the shade looks like. After you're satisfied, you can begin applying the spray tan evenly across your body.