Outdoor tables are constructed differently, with the best-galvanized steel bottom, a net, and a waterproof top surface. If you have limited indoor space for a table tennis table, an outdoor table is a good option. 

The material used for outdoor table tennis is highly resistant to all weather conditions. The outdoor table also allows for easy storage, which is another important feature.  

These Joola outdoor table tennis tables are built to withstand both natural and human factors. These waterproof outdoor table tennis tables are ideal for use in the home, office, park, and other locations.

Outdoor table tennis tables brands:

  • Joola Outside table tennis table

  • Butterfly outside table tennis table

  • Stiga outside table tennis tables

Features of outdoor table tennis table:

One of the most important features- tables should have a waterproof coating. There are several table brands on the market.

The Joola outdoor table tennis table is a table for all indoor and outdoor conditions, while the butterfly table tennis table has a strong and durable aluminum tabletop that allows you to play both indoors and outdoors. 

The butterfly aluminum table tennis table is designed for outdoor play and can be easily set up within minutes. 


Modern outdoor table tennis tables can be used for both recreational and professional use. The table can be easily stored when not in use, and the materials used are durable.