Many people today use green energy. A good example of this is using solar panels. There are many different sizes and brands. However, some of the best panels on the market today tend to be priced higher. In this case, extreme care must be taken when installing solar panels.

Taking part in DIY projects is always a good idea if you are on a budget. However, many unspoken risks come with it. You can also visit Prolec Electrical & Data Services to find more information about the solar installation in Kew.

Solar panels

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There are companies out there that will void your warranty if you don't hire an installer. To avoid these and other unforeseen risks, it is best to seek the services of an experienced installer. Here are some tips to help you find the right service provider.

Accept recommendations

This has always been ruling 101 when looking for a service provider. You can ask friends and family for recommendations.

Check professional accreditation

They have established the rules, standards, and regulations that govern the industry. These rules ensure that customers receive good customer service and protection.


Many people are looking for the provider with the cheapest offer. This may be a brilliant idea to save money, but it turns out to be cheap in most cases.

Always ask your installer for the best panels on the market. There are many different brands. Some are great, others are not so great. However, an experienced plumber will easily guide you to the best for your home.