The jewelry industry is booming all over the world. The two most attractive segments in the promising jewelry industry are silver jewelry and fashion jewelry with pearls. First, let's analyze the sterling-silver segment.

It is estimated that the demand for silver and silver jewelry will increase this year, especially ahead of the festival season. According to the latest available statistics, the total recovery of mineral silver and regenerated silver is about 10,348 tons. You can buy the best silver sterling jewelry, via

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One interesting aspect is that silver is more expensive in its domestic chains than it is exported abroad. This means a high level of consumption, further confirming the fact that there will be the main driver of demand and supply of silver jewelry.

In terms of fashion jewelry with pearls, the performance is well in line with industry expectations. However, the time to come might be a bit difficult. Most beaded fashion jewelry suppliers source their raw materials and are very concerned about the current issue.

Gemstone and jewelry suppliers will follow in the footsteps of their global competitors and emerge as stronger entities.

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