For those who have disabilities, the basic task of showering and getting dressed can be a struggle. It is good to know that many dressing and shower aids are available for those with limited movement and dexterity. Each aid is made to help with a particular part of bathing or dressing which you might find difficult because of your limited movement.

Shower Aids

Bathrooms are among the greatest safety hazards for those who have mobility problems. If you are a wheelchair user or struggle to lift your feet, then a shower could be the best choice for you. For the temporarily disabled shower, you can navigate to

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You can also install grab bars to stabilize yourself during showering and guarantee the safety of your transfers into as well out. There may be a need for seating while bathing. Shower aids can be utilized to reduce the chance of falling while in the bathroom.

For people with disabilities in their physical abilities, getting into or out of the bathtub or standing straight in the shower can be difficult. With the help of a shower chair or handheld showerhead, it is possible to comfortably and safely bathe with no assistance.

Dressing Aids

These dressing aids can help people with permanent or intermittent mobility limitations dress showerheads or find clothing with no assistance. They can also be useful for those suffering from multiple sclerosis suffering from fatigue, weakness, or the sensation of tingling.