Self-publishing is a great way to save time and money for the unknown author. We look for inspiration and direction in today's business and personal world. We all have knowledge and expertise that we want to share with others in the form of a book.

Publishing a book used to be a tedious, costly, frustrating, and sometimes disappointing process. Although traditional publishing was once the only option, self publishing online is now a viable alternative. One of the most important advantages of self-publishing is that the author maintains their Intellectual Property rights.

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Many people are unwilling to lose control of their Intellectual Property rights through traditional publishing. You can also self-publish in as little as 3-6 months, compared to traditional publishing which takes up to one year. Self-publishing actually has a higher royalty percentage than traditional publishing.

This is another advantage for self-publishers. Although your Amazon distribution percentage may be low, the profit you make on all sales is 100% if you sell your books directly at your office, online, or at events. Traditional publishing is about 4%-15%. Print on demand is becoming more popular.

You don't need to buy hundreds of books to store in your basement or garage. Print-on-demand services let you order as many books as you want, or as few as ten. Self-publishers who make mistakes on their first printing run might find this useful. It can be difficult to get rid of books that have errors, whether they are a hundred or one thousand.

Now you have completed your manuscript. Now you're ready to hire an editor to edit the book, and a designer for your cover and interior design. That's great. You are now ready to print your book. You have two options for printing your book. print on demand (POD) or conventionally.

Let me explain the differences, and give you a price list for the two books. Before you can make your printing decision, you must decide whether you would prefer someone else to do the printing or you want to deal directly with them.

Self-Publishing Made Easy Now 

To get the best price, you can either act as a general contractor or work directly with a printer. Or you can use a vanity press or self-publishing company to do the printing. You are already working with a designer that will prepare print-ready files. I recommend consulting your designer to get a list and setting up your printing account.

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Working directly with the printer will save you money because vanity presses and self-publishing companies mark up printing costs by as much as 20%, 15%, or 200%. This is how they make a lot of their profits.

Your designer can send high-resolution PDF files of your book directly to the same POD printer (Lightning Source, Inc.), that nearly all self-publishing companies use. This will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

You can work with a vanity press or self-publishing company to create a book. They will usually offer a variety of services, including designing the cover and interior, proofreading and editing, getting your ISBN number, LCCN Number, and bar code, as well as creating a website and providing marketing and distribution services.

This is all for a small portion of your book royalty and a printing markup. You can act as a general contractor and either does the work yourself or hire others to do it. However, you will have greater control over the quality of the services and their price.