Most of the self defense techniques taught are unrealistic, dangerous, and lack a sense of overall strategy that could put the defender in even greater danger. If you want to develop a sense of mastery in using firearms for self defense, you need to make sure you are training in the four critical skill areas that you may need in the real world.

1) Weapon Familiarization – This area includes proper grip, fast and efficient reloading, instinctive shots, and more. Also, knowing how to operate more than just your own favorite weapon is essential.

2) Shooting Skills – This is where most people focus when training. But, if you are not training to shoot and constantly hit your target, under the influence of stress, then you are not training for defensive combat. To learn more about firearm training, visit

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3) Retention of the Firearm – Are you prepared for the possibility that the opponent will try to take the weapon from you? How about an accomplice grabbing your gun when you're trying to control who you thought was your only threat? This area is also considered one of the most important for skill development.

4) Weapon Disarmament – Simply carrying a firearm does not make you safe or invulnerable to incoming fire. What if your opponent points a gun at you before you can go for yours? How do you draw your weapon in the middle of your defensive action, rather than before it begins? All these workouts are necessary before trying anything. Self defense is about strategies, tactics, and techniques.