Installing a skylight roof has become a popular option among homeowners who want to save on their power costs and at the same time enhance the aesthetics of their homes. With new technology, there are now several design options and features that are being offered by companies who manufacture these skylight roof windows. Rooftop windows  can easily enhance the brightness inside any room, making it more homey and comfortable.

These roof lights are just one of several home design options that you can incorporate in order to save on energy consumption. This falls under what is now called "eco-friendly" design which is becoming more popular due to the high cost of power. A skylight roof allows natural light to enter a room, making it unnecessary to use artificial lighting. 

Some innovative companies can provide built-in blinds, with remote control opening and closing. If a skylight roof window is in your list of home improvements, hire a contractor that is licensed to do this in your state and one that has earned a good reputation. 

Make sure that the company can guarantee the work so that you will get quality service in case there are future problems like leaking. You would want to work with a company that has been in the business for years and one that has many satisfied customers.