There are various reasons a fridge has to be maintained clean. A fresh refrigerator may keep food fresh for a longer period. On account of the moisture from the refrigerator, cross-contamination can easily happen, therefore it is crucial to take precautions.

A clean fridge not only smells and looks better, but it's also going to work more efficiently and may ultimately help save you money. For more information about commercial refrigeration cleaning you can visit

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Working from top to base, wipe down the refrigerator inside with a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda mixed with a spoonful of warm water.

Do not forget to wipe down the interior of the doorway and hard-to-reach cracks which trap dirt and crumbs. Maintain an old toothbrush available for cleanup awkward nooks and stitches. Using the baking soda solution or gentle dish soap and water, then dry and wash the drawers and shelves.

Here is  guidance for becoming coils clean:

If coils are on the floor: Eliminate the bottom grille if needed and use a fridge coil brush, then sweep or vacuum up any dust and dirt on the ground. Replace the grille and plug-in the appliance in.

If coils are on the trunk: Transfer the refrigerator away from the wall and wash out accumulated dust and dirt. Sweep or vacuum up anything which dropped on the ground. Finally move the refrigerator back into position, being careful to avoid running cords or tubes, and plug it back into.