As a real estate professional, you've probably received many more than you can count of call-backs from people who had no idea of the property they were contacted about. While it's easy for you to dismiss this person off as a tire kicker, you're completely off the mark. Customers who make calls to inquire about a sign raise their hands.

The main problem is that the typical real estate sign does not give the buyer all the relevant details. When your property signs are focused on the information from the perspective of the consumer instead of catchy call-me-to-me slogans, you'd get pre-qualified phone calls and help grow your business. You can also visit for real estate signage.

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Sure, there are a lot of legal requirements for the logo of your company and the required language, however, do you take into account the message you want to convey when ordering your signage? While walking in the area, you took the time to look over the different real estate signs. There were all kinds of signs that had large logos for companies as well as "Call me" slogans, as well as contact details; however, there was one vital element that was not present. The message!

The purpose, and the message, should be "hey, people, this house is available for purchase. Consumers must be able to quickly determine if the property is being offered for sale or rent.