If you are living in a city you will find an increase in population day- by- day. This is due to the increase in vehicles on roadsides and there are many industries in the urban areas which cause population. 

So, It is essential to wear a mask while riding to the roads to avoid diseases caused by the chemicals which may come in the air due to industrial factories. To know more about the benefits of wearing a mask you can visit at https://www.u-mask.eu/.

The increase in pollution in urbanized places affects your health a lot. Inhaling the deadly smoke from cars could be as worse to you as smoking.

These pollutants in the air may cause throat and nose infections which may lead to asthma symptoms. Many of the chemicals contained in pollution have carcinogenic effects that cause lung, throat, and other types of cancer.

Air pollution and dirt also cause various lung diseases. Therefore, there are many companies that are producing face masks with removable and replacement filters which include bioactive layer which gives you complete protection against viruses, bacteria, and air pollution.

Wearing a mask may seem a bit weird to you at first time. But if you visit some countries like China or Japan it seems to be a common sight because of the increase of various viruses like swine flu and COVID-19. It also keeps you safe from other people's germs while talking to another person.