Architects are now more than ever designing polished concrete floors for retail, because since the turn of the century the incredible and almost limitless variety of colors, patterns and surfaces has become more evident. 

In fact, the only limit is the ingenuity of the architect or the end customer who can point out anything that comes to mind. This is almost the case, if you can imagine a qualified contractor can make up for it. You can get the service provided by the experts for top quality polished concrete finish via

Polished concrete floors can be modeled or cut with a saw, can be mixed with inert materials when mixed, then sanded and polished to perfection to resemble terrazzo. Any color can be added to the concrete or it can be a graded color reminiscent of marble or granite.

Commercial concrete polishing has other economic advantages. Concrete is naturally walkable, so you can install underfloor heating before the concrete is poured. Concrete is a good conductor and underfloor heating will warm the entire area. 

Floors can also take advantage of the sun's benefits by absorbing heat from sunlight entering through windows and releasing it when the building cools at night, maintaining a more even temperature and reducing the need for heating or air conditioning.

If a floor is polished commercial concrete to its maximum gloss level with about 3000 grit, it reflects light like a mirror. This can reduce the amount of artificial lighting in the area, which saves electricity and protects the environment.