For a plumber in the area, sometimes they hear customers’ and get the idea of the customer’s point of view.

A big customer dislike is a plumber or tradesperson who either turns up late or at a completely different time from the one agreed.  You can get services from the best residential and commercial plumber in Nanaimo to fix the plumbing problem.

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It’s a good sign if the tradesman turns up when they say they will, as it shows they respect the value of your time and theirs and are more likely to respect it while doing a job for you.

Another thing customers don’t like is tradespeople who won’t come right out with a quote. At – which plumbers successfully avoided this by giving you a consultation price upfront so that they can take the time to analyze a problem and offer you an accurate quote for the work that needs to be done.

From customers dislike any trades that don’t make it clear that they only carry out particular types of work.

So a plumber who is specific about his lines of work is a favorite, and anybody who wastes their time by being vague isn’t. Understandably, anything time-wasting or money-wasting is unpopular.

Promptness, being clear about what jobs they do and don’t do, transparent pricing, and quotes the customer can understand, are all desirable as are policies like fixed pricing for jobs.

So, next time you’re needing plumbing work done in and around the area, you could save yourself a bit of time and grief by giving us the experts a call.