You may be an avid Pokemon card collector and a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise, but when it comes to actual Pokemon trading card games, you're really lost. A rich card collection doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a successful Pokemon card player.

Pokemon TCG requires more than just having the shiniest or rarest card in the group. It is a good option to buy your own Pokemon cards collection. You can explore our store for different card collections. So how do we know which cards are good?

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There are a few things to look for in a Pokémon card's attributes to see if it's good in combat:

1. Attack effectiveness: The first and foremost trait to look for in a card is how much damage it can inflict when expending energy. The best Pokemon cards can do a lot of damage with very little Energy cost (1 to 3 Energy). This is constant throughout the life of the Pokemon TCG. In fact, it doesn't matter if a Pokemon is Basic or Evolutionary, common or super rare, if it does more damage to Energy cards than any other Pokemon card out there, it's most likely a good one. If the card has poor damage to energy requirement ratio, you should think twice about using it.

2. Pokemon Strength and Pokemon Body: Many great Pokemon cards that have been released have great Poke-Power and Poke Bodies. From Blastoise's early days doing Rain Dance to the days when Claydol was the mainstay of all decks with his Cosmic Power Pokemon, there's always been a deck that relies on this ability. Look for Pokemon with Pokemon Powers or exclusive Pokemon Bodies, they will most likely win cards.

You should now be able to look at your cards from a different perspective to see which cards are "good" and which are rare.