The mobile high-pressure cleaner in the car wash differs in many ways from the conventional high-pressure cleaner. For example, this machine should not have the high outlet pressure of a conventional engine.

Cleaning a car is not like most other cleaning tasks. Pressure washer systems are widely used to clean car parts. You can also check out more  information about mobile car wash in Brisbane online.

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However, such an approach can ruin a car wash. For this reason, high-pressure cleaners operate in a different washing system than other high-pressure cleaners. Some of the features of the mobile pressure washer are as follows:

Exit pressure – The outlet pressure of the high-pressure cleaning system varies up to 8000 psi. Such high-pressure cleaners are not required for automatic detailing.

Flow rate – Low flow rates can also be beneficial. However, this has nothing to do with vehicle safety. Low flow engines transport less water to the surface. This makes cleaning faster and results in less wasted water.

The steam car wash high-pressure cleaner offers the lowest flow rate. Any engine with a flow rate of 2 GPM or less is suitable for steam automatic wipers. 

Portability – Portability is also an issue for steam pressure washers used in automatic cleaning. There are two types of engines on the market, wheel-mounted engines and truck assembled engines. Both types of machines are ideal for steam washing systems. You can even search online for more information about mobile car wash in Brisbane.