Stay motivated and don't get discouraged because most hires give up because of mistakes made during the hiring process. If you follow the instructions below, you will complete the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Also, you need to search for an online ASVAB course by the best military aptitude test study guide to prepare for your exam.

At this time, you must meet the minimum requirements to join the U.S. Army.

Age: You must be at least 17 to 34 years of age to join the U.S. Army, although the military accepts 17-year-olds with parental consent.

Citizenship: Be a Local Citizen or Authorized Immigrant. To apply, you will need appropriate documentation regarding your nationality or foreign status.

ID photo: You must have a valid photo identification (driver's license, government card, or passport) with you. If you are not a local citizen, you can also provide an I-551 card (Green Card).

Certificate: You must provide a birth certificate as well as a social security card. You may also need to bring along a marriage or divorce certificate.

Criminal record: You cannot make or have a civil claim because some violation of the law disqualifies you (eg too many minor traffic offenses or criminal offenses). 

No serious illness: Factors such as asthma, diabetes, disability, high blood pressure, deafness, drug, and alcohol addiction, etc.

Moral qualifications: Factors like bipolar, PTSD, domestic violence, mental care, etc.

Standard weight/height: Factors such as being overweight can result in your disqualification. However, if you are underweight, you will not. unless you are overweight.

ASVAB is divided into 9 main parts. You can visit this website to study for the ASVAB exam, you need to know what each section is and how to prepare specifically for it.

General Sciences: It tests your general scientific knowledge including physical sciences, chemistry, and biology. 

Arithmetic Thinking: This section consists of math problems with words. 

Knowledge of words: It tests your knowledge of lexical words by comparing them with other lexical words. In other words, you need to learn vocabulary 

Understanding paragraphs: Think of this passage as reading comprehension. You will be given a short section to read and then asked to answer related questions. This section reviews your general understanding of information. 

Math skills: This is an easy fix for the math equation part. You will be tested on math concepts you learned in high school and asked again for the correct answer without using a calculator. 

Electronic information: This is a scary part for many students as it covers topics related to electricity, including electricity, circuits, wiring, and related calculations. However, this section does not consider your AFQT. 

Arithmetic: The AI cuts were tested separately on CAT-ASVAB on the MET-ASVAB mix. As with EI, don't worry unless these fields are mandatory. If this is your preferred area of expertise, take your ASVAB booklet to a mechanic who will want to help and review concepts by checking them in real cars and engines.