Nescafe has a background rich in the turbulent days of the 1930's, once the melancholy was gripping the core of America and the requirement for coffee became almost non-existent. This was the Brazilian authorities, in an attempt to enhance their coffee bean earnings, who took the initiative to get another way of growing coffee re-popularized and very affordable. 

They approached the Nestle firm with a proposal to come up with an immediate coffee, and although it took seven decades of intense study deep within to make a brand new product termed Nescafe. Nescafe wasn't the first to try their hands in producing Nescafe fast coffee, but they are the first to do it successfully. 

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Early efforts dating back to 1901, also entailed making exceptionally concentrated coffee and then collecting the residue after boiling it dry. This super high warmth wiped out the taste and odor of coffee, making a sour, foul-smelling beverage that may hardly be called coffee.

Nescafe produced a distinctive and extremely innovative procedure that included spraying a mist of coffee that was concentrated into big, heated towers in which the nice drops turned into powder almost immediately. Carbohydrates were subsequently added to help keep the taste integrity.  This instant coffee totally altered the concept people were comfortable with and created it not just acceptable to the flavor, but wanted.

Since the entire world had a fairly pour picture of immediate coffee in your mind, Nescafe needed to develop a branding approach to erase that notion and generate a brand new, exciting fresh one.  By combining Nestle using the Italian term for coffee, "cafe," they worked to set some love and mystique from the brand new product and then proceeded after the American housewife to spread its fame.