Understanding the science of gout, the testing that many attributes as proof of cures, remedies, or flare-ups to any single food are not substantiated by any known science. 

No, turmeric does not cause gout flare-ups. The quote from the image below is sporting a pretty strong statement about gout, purines, and contents of the diet. No specific food will cause or eliminate gout or its symptoms.

Purine Based Diet For Gout Exposed

There are 3 studies that people use to justify the claims that turmeric helps with gout, but not one suggests turmeric can cause gout or the attacks associated with gout. One is an animal study, and the most trustworthy because of the level of control on the subjects.

Most studies that are attributed to specific foods are based on a single substance within that food, not that food itself. 

What they found is that curcumin was actually used, which accounts for 3% of turmeric, which is not a significant dose as used in foods. Curcumin does have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. You have the option of curcumin supplements. 

This post on the Exit Confessions blog about turmeric and gout gives a strong argument that no food alone will cause or fix gout. The perspective is backed by the same science being used to oversimplify the complexity of gout.

It's not what you eat or how much, but rather when and how often you eat.

It's well established that obesity is a major predictor of the onset of gout and the accompanying swelling and pain in the joints. So maybe we should be looking at what actually causes weight gain in the first place.

The increase in gout patients in the US and western world in general is understandable with a little research. The more obese the population becomes, the more gout patients join the ranks of painful suffering. 

The west has become dependent on pharmaceuticals, which rarely correct lifestyle diseases and auto-immune issues associated with poor lifestyle choices. Do some research, you may be surprised by what you find if you dig, research, and use logic.