It is crucial that you take care of your simulator after you've made a large investment. This will ensure it lasts a long time and it works well every day. The product manual will include the instructions to maintain your house golf simulator. Even though they may be the same, different manufacturers have their own ways to maintain it.

Dust is the enemy of the golf simulator. Avoid putting the simulator in an area that is likely to collect dust. You should ensure that clubs are kept clean and free of dust. Otherwise, the dust from the clubs will end up on your simulator. Use a damp cloth to clean your clubs. 

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The same applies to golf balls as for golf clubs. For indoor simulator play, make sure to only use clean golf balls. Dirty balls can cause damage to the screen as well as leave marks on the screen. It can burn the screen and cause permanent damage. It is important to inspect the ball carefully before you play.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to keep your projector clean. The projector's lens can be cleaned to prolong the life of its bulb, which is extremely expensive. The warranty on projectors does not cover the bulb. 

As the saying goes, prevention is better than treatment. Keep it clean to save hundreds on buying a new bulb.

To keep your simulator in good condition, it is important to clean the simulator and projector screen every week. To clean other parts of your computer, you can use a vacuum cleaner. These tips will help prolong the life of your simulator and make it last for many years.