Cemeteries became more secular, with higher fees for the veneration of flowers and typical non-religious monuments. However, religious funerals are still preferred by most of the British population.

While many people do not attend church or worship regularly, they often turn to religion during mourning for religious memorial services. Members of the clergy are regularly invited to attend cremations and funerals and hold ceremonies in crematoriums, not in their churches. However, you can now arrange a good funeral by getting Catholic Church funeral services from professionals. 

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Below we note the various ordinances and customs related to religious funerals:-

Protestant:- A dying person can have a priest present on the deathbed and say a prayer. Then, on the Sunday after death, there is prayer in the church. Funerals can take many forms and can include Christian speeches and readings by close relatives and friends.

Roman Catholic:- As death approached, a priest came to hear the confession of the dying and freed them to celebrate Holy Communion and extreme worship by anointing people with the oil blessed by the bishop. The funeral is preceded by a prayer for the deceased. At the funeral, a requiem is read and the corpse in the coffin is sprinkled with holy water and blessed with incense.

Muslims:- Muslims use burial unlike other methods and prefer to direct their graves to Mecca. Some, but not all, public cemeteries have restricted the area of their cemeteries to this facility.