RGBW LEDs are available in both warm light and cool light colors. RGBWW LEDs are available only in cool light colors. RGB LEDs are made up of red, green, and blue light. RGBW LEDs use white light to create all the colors.

RGB LED lighting will last longer than RGBWW LEDs because they use less power. However, they cost more.No, you can use the same type of LEDs inside a ceiling fan as in a light fixture. But if you want to control the color and brightness of the LEDs, install RGBWW LEDs instead of RGBW ones.

You will see no difference in performance between an H-grade or L-grade LED. A grade is determined by the voltage that the LED requires to operate at its highest intensity. If it runs cooler than the rated temperature, it has been certified with an H-grade designation.

We recommend using only LEDs rated with a L-grade designation because they have fewer operating voltages compared to H-grade ratings and should be less susceptible to damage from high voltages or heating issues.

you might notice that the LEDs have a different appearance from those in the images above. That's because these are even lower-temperature LEDs. The high-temperature LEDs previously in this product line (the ones on the left) are now designated as H-grade, and we reserve them for use with higher voltage projects.

The Kingbright BXV2550 is a 2550mAh/7.4V, 16340 Li-ion rechargeable battery with a nominal 6A output at 2C discharge, taking up to 30 seconds to charge fully. It can be charged via USB or wall adapter, or by connecting it to a 12V DC source such as an automotive power supply or solar panel.