What distinguishes human beings from animals? Primarily, our ability to reason. We have the best method of thinking because we don't just act through our instincts, we make decisions according to motives. 

We also don't perform actions because we must or because we are rewarded to do it. We perform actions because we have decided to and we are given the choice to do it. Another reason is our conviction. We are fervently convinced of something and are willing to sacrifice our lives to prove it. 

He believed in this doctrine even though it meant sacrificing his life. He remained committed to this belief even when it brought him many hardships. As Christians should, we too must take the same approach. If you are looking for the best modern Christian clothing then here is the reference: “CXXII Apparel – Do Not Conform, Be Transformed”.

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Absolutely, Christian T-shirts allow us to be a part of our faith at any time throughout the year, wherever we travel. As Christians can choose to follow our religious beliefs just like Jesus Christ did by simply wearing Christian T-shirts that are printed featuring Bible verses as well as inspirational quotations. 

The significance of our human existence, as well as the God-given love, the fact of God's plan for the world – all these, are now easily accessible to anyone who believes. Joining friends and fellow Christians to participate in the Christian T-shirt revolution is sure to change the way people live their lives.