The windshield is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. With that in mind, auto glass repair not only replaces a damaged windshield, it also provides a repair solution for any situation a native might have regarding their auto window repair needs.

Most windshield replacement cars today are so critically designed that the windshield is an integral part of the roof of the car. The installation of the windshield is subject to certain standards, notably the FMVSS or the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. 

 auto glass repair

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They even have so-called "modern replacements" which also offer a lifetime guarantee for their customers' windshield sealing. While their product is guaranteed not to be defective, their customers can get a lifetime of free repairs through one of their windshield replacement services.

Auto Glass Repair – Apart from the windshield, there are other parts of the car that are made of glass. Some of them are door windows, rear windows, air vents, sliding doors, and fourth windows.

Auto glass uses glass replacement products that are manufactured according to Original Equipment Standards (OEMs). Therefore, their customers enjoy high-quality glass products that are installed in such a way that they resemble real glass.

Free Chip Repair – For those with full insurance coverage, windshield chip repair services are paid for by most, if not all, insurers. However, with Auto Advantage Auto Glass, this type of service is free because all customer's deductibles will be waived.